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Company Mission

     Our mission is simple: to give our clients the ability to reach the highest levels of success possible. We remove barriers. Our client's goals and stakeholders are placed at the center of our attention. Giving our clients the ability to flourish is our reason for being.

Design or Functionality?

     Too often, either design or functionality is sacrificed for the sake of the other. Which is more important than the other? Design is a reflection of your image, whether this is on or off the web. We help develop our client's image and portray it with stunningly effective design work. On the web or off, our award-winning designers create compelling and thoughtful work, connecting to target groups on an emotional level. Consistency is key to design. From print material to digital branding to your website to your intranet system, we keep all your design work consistent, ensuring that you project exactly the image you want to your target group.

     Functionality is never sacrificed. We use the latest technology to create robust and scalable applications that help you succeed. Our solutions grow as your success grows. Our use of cutting edge technology, such as Unix, XML, and Microsoft's .NET framework, ensures that your solution is robust and scalable. We push the barrier, adding not only the functions you need, but also the functions you want.

The People

     Binary Salad is built on its people. The quality of our solutions is a direct reflection of the quality of our people. Our corporate culture and work environment fosters innovative thinking and creativity. While teamwork is what drives all our projects, individuality is extremely important. Individuality is valued and is encouraged to be displayed by each employee during the course of the project they are working on. Our clients develop a close relationship with the Binary Salad project team developing their solution. This continues on past completion of the solution and ensures a mutually beneficial long-term relationship, where we continue to identify goals and add value.

     The Binary Salad team includes designers, developers, consultants, writers, graphic artists, software engineers, and more. When this diverse pool of skills comes together, the result is nothing but fantastic.

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